The most sophisticated and efficient missile defense turret ever constructed. Second to none in destroying incoming enemy missiles.


The Aegis is an anti-missile Turret unit. Although it cannot attack ground or air units and mechs, it is the only unit that can effectively counter rockets.


  • One Aegis can lockdown a large area from most rocket fire.
  • Effectively shuts down a spam of rocket units.


  • Has a long build time, so you cannot build many very efficiently.
  • Has low health and therefore dies to most units and mechs very quickly.
  • Cannot attack enemy units or mechs.

Good Loadouts

  • Aegis in most cases should only be brought if you know your opponents loadout and it consists of many rocket-firing units, or a Helix.
  • Can be brought in 3v3 matches as a support turret.


The Aegis is a laser-guided point-defense turret that only targets incoming enemy rockets and missiles. This includes rockets and missiles fired from Seekers,T99s, T45sSAMs, Buckys, Helixes and Strikers.

The Aegis is a remedy to Seeker and Bucky in which the enemy builds a large number of Seekers or Buckies to prevent you from harassing their armies and/or outposts. To someone without an Aegis, it may be somewhat difficult to outrun, outmaneuver, or shoot down every missile launched, so building an Aegis or two gives you some security in contested areas.

The Aegis can be used to support your pushes. The long range of Aegis means it can shoot down missiles from a distance. It's a good idea to push with an Aegis if any of the aforementioned scenarios exist on the enemy's defense. Doing so can make your workload much smaller.


  • As of a recent patch, Aegis no longer shoots down Bombs.


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