Items Stats
Atlas 5% Team Radar Vision Range
Candy Bucket 4% Infantry Move Speed
Canned Meat Product 5% Faster Respawn
Chimney's Tooth 5% Unit Build Speed
Chocolate Bunny 2% AirMech Damage Resistance
Coffee 2% Unit Upkeep -1% Credits Earned
Colored Egg 2% Unit Upkeep
Combat Boots 4% Infantry Damage Resistance 2% Infantry Attack Power -4% Infantry Move Speed
Conch Shell 3% Tank Damage Resistance
Congee 3% Faster Respawn 2% Credits Earned
Cornucopia 10% Credits Cap 3% Credits Earned
Dog Tag 6% Unit Abduction Resistance
Eggnog 4% Infantry Move Speed 4% AirMech Ground Speed
EVO Headphones 4% Abduct Speed 2% Aura Range -4% Credits Earned
Experimental Fuel 5% Flight Energy Efficiency -2% Credits Earned
Extensive Atlas 10% Team Radar Vision Range -3% Unit Upkeep
Fire Cracker 3% Missile Damage -3% Missile Speed
Fluorescent Lightbulb 5% Flight Energy Efficiency
Geostationary Satellite 5% Team Radar Vision Range 2% Unit Upkeep -2% In-game XP Bonus -3% Credits Earned
Graduation Cap 5% Player Level XP Bonus
Gothic Mask 8% Missle Shoot-Down Chance
Half-Tau Pendant 6% Unit Aim Rotate Speed 4% Team Radar Vision Range -4% AirMech Carry Mass
Higgs Boson 5% AirMech Carry Mass -3% Credits Earned
Inversion Higgs 5% Ground Speed 2% Air Speed -2% Credits Earned -6% AirMech Carry Mass
Jingle Bells 2% Air Speed 2% Ground Speed
Lily Bouquet 6% Heal Beam Rate -3% AirMech Attack Power
Lucky Clover 5% Missle Shoot-Down Chance
Maracas 8% Infantry Move Speed -5% Infantry Attack Power
Nautilus Shell 3% Tank Damage Resistance
Pi Pendant 4% Unit Aim Rotate Speed 2% Team Radar Vision Range
Raptr Tooth Necklace 3% AirMech Melee Attack Power
Red Charm Bracelet 2% Unit Upkeep
Red Towel 10% Recharge Rate
Repair Bot 10% Auto Repair Rate
Satellite 4% Team Radar Vision Range 1% Unit Upkeep -3% Credits Earned
Sky Pearl Bracelet 2% Unit Upkeep
Sunflower Seeds 10% Auto Repair Rate
Teddy Bear 100% Hardcore (One Life Only)
TotalBiscuit's Top Hat 3% Unit Build Speed 3% Credits Earned
Ultimate Fuel 100% Hardcore (One Life Only)
Uncle Sam's Hat 2% Unit Upkeep -2% Credits Earned
Unstable Higgs 7% AirMech Carry Mass -1% Unit Upkeep -4% Credits Earned
Waist Pouch 5% Credits Earned
White Towel 10% Recharge Rate

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