AirMech Prime


USD$19.99 (was previously on sale at USD$9.99 for early buyers) for AirMech Prime

USD$4.99 (was previously on sale at USD$2.49 for early buyers) for AirMech Prime Booster** (exclusive to players that own either the Alpha Mega bundle or the Beta Bundle)

USD$7.99 - $14.99 (sometimes on sale during the winter holidays, Halloween or some Steam sales) for AirMech Prime


AirMech Prime costs USD$20, or if the player owns the Alpha MEGA Bundle or the Beta Bundle they can purchase it for USD$5. AirMech Prime has been available since March 21st, 2013 (Beta Version 16265.0).


  • EXCLUSIVE Prime Helix: Special AirMech Variant only available to AirMech Prime owners.
  • All CURRENT AirMech Classes: Striker, Helix, Bomber, Neo, Saucer, Osprey, Warthog, Paladin, Angel.
  • All FUTURE AirMech Classes, plus be included in the test group!
  • Lifetime Silver: +10% Kudos rewards, +10% XP, access to VIP Quests, unlimited Solo play
  • 60 Days of Gold VIP: +50% Kudos, +50% XP, Premium Rewards from Daily Quests (automatically activated upon purchase)
  • 60 Days of XP and Kudos Boosts: Bonus 50% to self, +10% other players (automatically activated upon purchase)
  • 100,000 Kudos to buy everything gameplay related from the Shop
  • 3000 Diamonds to spend however you like


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