Commonly Used TermsEdit

Units [1]Edit

Buildings [2]Edit

  • Main Base / Fort - Your team's Fortress.
  • Outposts / Posts - All the claimed and neutral "bases" on the map that are not your main base. Outposts
  • Close or Safehouse - The closest outpost to your main base.
  • Middle or "Mid" - The outpost in the middle of the map.
  • Forward - The outpost either the second closest to the outpost or between the closest and the mid.

Rushes & SpamsEdit

  • Cheese -  Most often refers to an unexpected strategy that relies in large parts on lack of information and/or psychological impact on the opponent. Cheese build orders typically revolve around an early attack that, if undetected, is more difficult to defend than execute, and often involves taking the closest outpost to enemy base. Also called a "Rush"
  • Close Rush - When players in a team go to capture the enemy's closest outpost(s).
  • Beeline - When a player, usually with a fast airmech, will jet straight over to their opponent's front door and harass the fortress before the game even get's started. This is usually accomplished with the companionship of tanks or even rarely AA. This cheese can be mixed up with a Brush as well, however, no boosters are involved. Who knew that a line of bees could make such a stinky cheese?
  • HeroHog - The actions that would be considered as a cheese with a singular, or multiple, Warthog(s) take a tank of some sort and do a beeline to the opponents base and damage the front door until death. Continue this process at least 1 more time to do significant damage. Using Beppo or Lexi increases the damage dealt. Coined by Tipsy3000 & The Derp Crew.

Other TerminologyEdit

  • Backdoor - Attacking from the back of the base / placing units behind the base as to not be seen and for a easy victory.
  • Agro/Aggro - Playing aggressively to the point where the opposing tanks/units will focus on your AirMech rather than your own tanks/units.
  • Focus Fire or Double Fire - When two or more AirMechs work together to try and kill the enemy above their outpost or fortress. Popularized by The Derp Crew (KittenAqua, Tangibility, and BStria).
  • Viking Dance (AKA Jump Roping) - One AirMech is in the air shooting at another AirMech on the ground, usually missing a lot of HP. The ground AirMech is trying to run away to safety, however the AirMech in the air transforms to the ground form. At this time, or during the same time, the ground AirMech switches as well. Tides have turned and the damaged AirMech is now flying away to safety. Note: You might not always make it to safety. You might have to "dance" a while before making back to your outpost or AA. This can also be used offensively to live longer.
  • Ninja Drop - When one player queues up high DPS units, loads the units into the AirMech's cargo and head's straight for the opponent's main base, drops the units with the hotkey "Y", this is what we would refer to as a Ninja Drop. As Ninja Drops refer to a sneaky or well planned strategy to deal damage and distract one's opponents.
  • Bomber Bubble - The arc of which a Bomber can use its melee attack. Once 210 degrees and could use the AOE to kill tanks and other units above cliffs and bridges.
  • Tank Wall - A time when a player wishes to do damage, however not receive any in return, an AirMech would take a tank of sorts and place it down near some enemy units and land behind the tank so the player could fire at other tanks/units and take little to no damage in return. Do note that the tank or whatever is used will take a many of damage and should be healed regularly if not sacrificed.
  • Dogfighting - The act of temporarily switching the warfield from the ground to the air. With the spray of bullets and missles, AirMechs will fly around and try to kill one another without dieing. Refined by the Dogfighting diety StarDog.
  • Bomber Dance - While performing the bomber melee attack, one would simply hold the left-click button down and spin the mouse, on screen, tightly around the bomber. This used to causes the Bomber's AOE damage to reach its full potential and one could take out more units with this. First used by Sire0k. Now the AOE of the Bomber's attack is reduced to the skeleton of the bomber and the bomber dance in no longer in any effect unless you so happen to drop in the middle of a bunch of units.
  • Missile Tornado - One player flies in circles around a main base or outpost either distracting the enemy, scouting, or as a bomber, one would hold right-click and rain bombs down upon the enemy units and ground. While doing this, if the opposing team happens to have Seekers or T99s, then during this time, a tornado of missile smoke, with the missiles leading, will be chasing after the AirMech, without making contact. Note: It is better to outrun the missiles rather than stop on one of your Outposts as the massive number of missiles have a great chance of one shotting you, even though you might be on your outpost "healing."
  • Turn N' Burn - The occurance when one comes under heavy fire to the point where the player must drop their unit(s), turn around and bail out of the area. Also referred to as a Unit Bail
  • Hat Trick - The occurance when one player kills all of the opposing team within a few seconds.
  • Power Play - When the opposing team is down a player or two causing a lack in defenses and a timing attack to harass or cap an outpost.
  • Annihilation - A time when all three opponents in a 3v3 match have died and currently are respawning. Not necessarily a Hat Trick due to it can be anyone's kill so long as everyone is down.
  • Saturation - The amount of clustered units a team or player has in one general area. The higher the Saturation, the more viable the use of bombs and boomers inflict mass AoE and destroy large numbers.
  • High-Low - The non-verbal or verbal communication when two AirMech players find a low life enemy AirMech. During this time one will continue to fire the air above the enemy, while the other AirMech takes the ground and pressures the enemy AirMech to either die on the ground or transform and die up in the air. Note: If you are the "enemy" player in this example, it is a good idea to Self-Destruct to take away the bonus experience your opponents receive for your murder.
  • SD - A shorter term in replacement of Self-Destruct. Self-Destructing actually kills you, and it still costs to remake, however it makes it so your opponents do not receive the experience for your death. The default hotkey for this action is "B."
  • Neutralize (AKA Desensitize) - The action of placing down four infantry in order to make a previously owned outpost neutral due to the extra damage infanty/creeps do. Having an AirMech damage the outpost helps in the neutralization.
  • Cliff Walking - During the time of a Viking Dance (Jump Roping), when the injured AirMech is on the ground near a cliff, the chasing, opposing AirMech will drop down on the cliff, still shooting, convincing the injured AirMech that he needs to transform to Air Mode, however, when the enemy AirMech lands on that cliff, he walks off of it and is instantly in Air Mode once again, able to snipe the injured Mech.
  • Micro - A term to manage your less than perfect AI units to prevent their death, to move them into a more opportune position, or to retreat.
  • Macro - A term that refers to the Rush/Spam Term, Ambush. However, Macro is a state where the saturation of one's units becomings quite high and either sends the mass out towards the enemy outpost or enemy main base.
  • Kill Steal - Oh, you know, when you are about to kill someone and one of your lovely teammates comes up and snipes him away from you. Lovely teammates...
  • Train (Tank Trains) - As players decide to let their saturated, macro'd and possibly Ambush tank, seeker, ratchet, etc mix, to move out towards the opponent's main base with the spam of the "Y" hotkey. During this time, the tanks, seekers, ratchets, etc, will line up and form a train-like feature.
  • Boombox - "A box of suprises" is a boxer filled with Boomers / Creepers and is dropped on defended Outposts or main bases to help clean up turrets and/or tanks.
  • Stranglehold - A current state of the game when one team has a hold on a side of the map and no mech on the opposing team can harass or ninja drop without being detected and/or killed.
  • Trench War(fare) - The state of the game where two opponents have a small to massive tank/artillery/AA lines on each side of a neutral outpost. This outpost is usually the mid as it marks the horizontal mirror flip where both teams can place and keep the outpost neutral from each other, prolonging the game and only the most microintensive offensive/defensive [it's a coin flip] players will come out on top and end up having a major lead.
  • Stealth Bombing - When a Neo stealths with Bombs in cargo and able to kill off tanks and AA. This is usually used for hitting and 1KO Jammers. Stealth Bombing can also have a neo carry infantry or boomers and spam them down onto the ground and stasis blast to make the surrounding enemy tanks shoot slower, thus the infantry or boomers survive longer.
  • Body Blocking - In a 2v2 or 3v3, when one partner takes shots in the air so their partner that is on the ground, who happens to be severely injured, can transform up into airmode and heal safely.
  • Leapfrogging - Point the the game where a team starts to move their tank/grinder/artillery line towards an outpost or the opponent's base with slow and precise movements to deal more damage and keep most units alive by producing the more hitpoint units farther forward that the damaged thus creating more of a damaging push but it costs a lot of time and is very vulnerable to artillery and grinders. This can also work with a couple of  patchers or with ratchets following closely behind to maintain the health of the units infront.
  • Last Man Standing - DogFighting over a bunch of neutrals until only one AirMech remains...
  • Danger Zone - Also known as "no man's land." This specific area of the map is never stable. Both teams' units are dieing and firing at the same time and it is very dangerous to very out there. Although, the Leroy Bomber's of the world love diving in.
  • Double Bombing - A point in the game where an AirMech, usually one with a mass capacity upgrade like a Helix or Osprey, will use Boosters and possibly Higgs Boson (item) to obtain two bombs in their cargo and quite literally double bomb a specific cluster of units or even an enemy AirMech.
  • Bomber Bombing - Another point in the game where a Bomber player will bring bombs and upgrade his/her ability bombs. During this point, the bomber will take bombs into his/her cargo and drop them, and then use their ability bombs to finish off any surviving units or enemy AirMechs.
  • Evaccing to quickly move all units from a captured outpost to another captured outpost, leaving it open. Useful when those units might have otherwise been killed by an incoming tank rush.

Joking TermsEdit

~Terms created to make fun. Not real terms, however they are used frequently; just added for the LOL's....

  • MarketMech - A nickname for the real time game, the market. Commonly used to talk about for people who spend all day trading.
  • DiceMech -A nickname used for Diamond Roll contests
  • Tickle Cannon - The lovely weak guns of Osprey, or Paladin.
  • ChatMech - A nickname used for Global Chat, especially when player chat about non-AirMech related topics. Many belive that Chatmech is more fun than the game itself!
  • RollMech -A nickname used for Diamond Roll contests
  • RollParty -A large amount of Diamond Rolls released continuously, also referred to as a "Diamond Rain"
  • Bomber Boxing - The invention of the primitive war of mantis strikes has no known author, however the man who refined the war between the energy "sonic booms" is named ThyTombStone. He has refined and republished this primitive war to a sport and streamed live. What is this war? It is a war between Bombers that only use mantis strike. Link to discussion page.
  • Official Maybe - Whenever an AirMech developer hints towards a patch, update, nerf, buff, new item, etc, however they do not fully confirm it leaving the curious hungry for more information.
  • Getting Buckied - When one of the devs activates a funny special secret animation to play on-screen for a few seconds at a targeted player. You'll know it if you see it.
  • Ultimate Beppo Probe Trial - a joke term that takes advantage of In-game unit linking in chat to create a new, non-existent unit as a joke, in honor of the Probe, the subjectively most-useless unit, and Beppo, the objectively most creepy-looking pilot. The joke became popular enough for the devs to create a new unit skin, the Beppo Probe.
  • MuteHammer - The abilities of Chat Moderators to mute other players, similar to a term "Banhammer" used in other games and contexts, but for mutes rather than bans.

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