Aerial attack mine. When deployed, this flying unit will scan surroundings and automatically target and follow any enemy AirMechs that enter its air space.
Requires Level 4 in game in order to build.


The Baloom is an aerial mine unit. This unit will sit idly in the air until an enemy mech flies within range of it. The Baloom will home in on the enemy mech while attempting to intercept it and explode, dealing a large amount of damage. If it is outflown, or if the enemy transforms to the ground, the Baloom will return to its original position.


  • Can create a no-fly zone around protected areas, deterring scouting and bombing mechs.
  • Is great for damaging idle mechs, or when you need to quickly get rid of an enemy or disrupt a flight path.


  • Can be easily outflown or destroyed in most cases.
  • Cannot be built until Level 4 in-game.
  • Becomes Obsolete in later game stages

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in team games, specifically on maps where scouting and bombing are important.


  • The Baloom was part of the first group of aerial units added to Airmech.
  • This unit was tested extensively in the demo map Decay.


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