Everyone's favorite Pilot, now in Probe form! Unmanned and unarmed, this basic system control droid is programmed for one purpose: blitzing undefended neutral outposts and capturing them. It literally has no other skills.


In: Beppo + Probe + 3xVIP Shop Ticket + Book Glue + Fine Scrap in Nanoforge

Out: Beppo Probe


Created by Carbon Games in response to a popular community joke. The Beppo Probe is a cosmetic variant of the Probe based off the Beppo Pilot. This unit offers no gameplay advantage and is statistically the same as the Probe.

The Probe is a fast infantry that has no attack and very little HP. It's main purpose is to quickly capture neutralized outposts that are heavily contested, allowing you to pull out additional defensive units. It has very little survivability, and is meant to be replaced once the outpost is secured.


  • Probe has one of the highest speeds of any unit.
  • Can be quickly spammed to maintain control of a outpost.
  • Looks Fabulous.


  • Has no damage capabilities, and is killed instantly by almost anything.
  • Usually is ineffective at penetrating defenses and dies quickly once inside the outpost.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with an aggressive or cheese loadout.


Functionally identical to a regular Probe in every way... except appearance.

The Strategies with the Beppo Probe remain essentially the same. Take advantage of the unit's rapid build time to assault neutralized outposts to steal them away from the enemy before they can react with infantry and/or units of their own. Then slowly shell out stronger infantry to replace them, and help your outpost out by placing lighter units or turrets, like Jackal or T45.

Use the probe's spam-abilities and fast build time to hold outposts for longer times when under siege, replacing lost infantry faster than the enemy may be able to destroy them. Allowing you to drive off attacks you may have not been able to defend well enough against without.

But the Beppo probe may also come with a side-bonus, its fabulous figure. That is, you may find an enemy laughing too hard at your fantastically epic probes to really react properly, giving you a major advantage if the enemy can't pull themselves together in time. Nothing is more amusing than seeing 4 Beppos aggressively watching your units out of an outpost slot. Although if the enemy has enough fortitude, this upside may be no more than arbitrary.

But then again, the Beppo probe can still give the enemy fortress a demonizing death-stare, which may strike fear into the enemy player... but then again, maybe not. It is just a probe after all.

All that matters is that it works the same way the regular probe does, just with more style.


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