Release Date: November 27th ,2013 (Beta Build 21163.0)

Slot: Pet

Kudos price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamonds price: N/A diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: They are awarded by members of the community, often streamers or casters.

Current Keeper: ProProProPro

Alternates: Silver, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

In-game hotlink: Black Star

Classification: Ancient


  • Can NOT be purchased from in-game shop
  • Can NOT be sold on the player market
  • Does NOT drop



  • All art pieces will be judged and categorized
  • Each category is worth different amounts of points. They are rough estimates and extra points may be awarded on a case by case basis.
  • Each category has an associated activity period
  • Bonus points are awarded to those who create art regularly to encourage regular, consistent work
  • +25% more points will be earned if the next piece is submitted within its activity period


  • Doodle: 10 creation points
    Activity Period: 5 days
    A quick doodle that was fun to make
  • Forum Art: 20 creation points
    Activity Period: 1 week
    Signatures, banners, avatars etc
  • Drawing: 100 creation points
    Activity Period: 2 weeks
    A well thought out drawing that shows off skill and talent
  • Art Piece: 200 creation points
    Activity Period: 5 weeks
    An awesome drawing that can belong on a wall and money can be made of it
  • Masterpiece: Automatic Black Star
    Activity Period: 2 months
    An awesome Art piece that belongs in a art gallery!
    A follow-up Masterpiece-class piece created within the activity period instantly earns another star
    Any Masterpiece-class piece will be recognized on Uncharted's DeviantART page

All types of art will be considered, they do not have to be drawings these include paper art, 3D representations of ingame items, mech, units, etc. (You could sew a waist pouch!)

Art Point System

  • 800 total creation points = 1st Black Star
  • 1800 total creation points = 2nd Black Star
  • 3000 total creation points = 3rd Black Star

Supporting AirMech Art:

If art is not your strength, you may still earn a Black Star by supporting artists through giving constructive feedback and/or helping them become recognized.

Sharing through Twitter:

  • The #AirMech hash tag must be included
  • A link to the artwork source (forum thread, DeviantART page, etc.) must be included

Each of the following methods of support are limited to once per art piece

  • Creating an original Tweet to share: 6 support points
  • Retweeting a share: 2 support points

Social Point System

  • Providing constructive feedback: 5 support points.
  • 120 support points = 1 Black Star (MAX of 1 this method)

A maximum of 3 Black Stars can be earned, and earning stars through both methods (Art AND Social) is encouraged.

Art is to be submitted here -->


One of the 11 Stars required to own the Star Badge


Black Star N/A Kudos / N/A Diamonds icon
Black Star

Description: One of the many Star pets! These special rewards cannot be purchased, do not drop, and cannot be sold. They are awarded by members of the community, often streamers or casters. Each color is available from a different person, though that person may change over time. Begging for Stars is a sure way to never be awarded one.

More information can probably be found on the AirMech Wiki.

Attributes: N/A

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