Deals melee damage automatically to enemy units and AirMechs when in range.


The Blade Guardian is the melee guardian which orbits around your mech and damages all enemy units and mechs in its radius. This guardian is great for mechs which get up close to enemy units on the ground and kill them, rather than mechs which focus on air fights or fire from a long range.


  • Deals passive melee damage to enemy units, increasing your mechs overall damage while requiring no energy.
  • Can damage multiple units at once if they are clumped together.
  • Has extremely high HP to prevent being destroyed in battle.


  • Is ineffective at long range.
  • Has limited efficiency in the air, but is still able to deal damage to aerial units and mechs.
  • Only works when standing directly next to enemy units, which can be dangerous.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with harassing mechs such as Bomber and Neo, which get close to enemy units in order to damage them.
  • Can be used with a Striker in combination with his striker sword.


Blade Guardians work best for AirMechs that use Melee attacks. Equipping the Bomber with these Guardians allows for more damage when attacking, this also works great with a striker using his energy sword. Any Guardian can help any AirMech, but test the Guardians before deciding whether to use them or not.

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