Release Date: November 27th, 2013 (Beta Build 21163.0)

Slot: Pet

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: N/A Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: They are awarded by members of the community, often streamers or casters.

Current Keeper: Lady La6yrinth

Alternates: Silver, Black, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

In-game Hotlink: Blue Star

Classification: Ancient


  • Can NOT be purchased from in-game shop
  • Can NOT be sold on the player market
  • Does NOT drop


  • The Rule of 100
    • Collect 200K Kudos- Simple enough, isn’t it? Simply get up to 200,000 kudos and let me know. Screencap it and send it through the forums to me.
    • Collect 100K Diamonds- Although somewhat harder than the Kudos one, this is still possible. Collect 100,000 diamond and simply let me know. When I'm online I'll jump into a lobby with you and you show me your badge.
    • Collect 100 Pets- Because who doesn’t like pets? Now, there’s no badge to show that you have 100 pets, but you can see your pets count on your stats. Simply contact me with your screenshot, and you’ll be awarded.

Each of these can provide one Blue Star. So if you complete the Kudos Rule and Diamonds Rule, you can get two. Complete all three and you get three stars. Simple, is it not? These can be completed in any order as you see fit. (The first two were something that Harley wanted, and was actually something I wanted to do if I got Star Keeper. So I’m glad it worked out like this, because although he only was Star Keeper for a short period of time, I honor that dude with highest regards. Thus, I’m sticking with them.)

  • The Rule of Sets
    • 15 Complete Sets- Complete ANY 15 sets and you’re entitled to the first Blue Star.
    • 25 Complete Sets- Complete ANY 25 sets and you’re entitled to the second Blue Star. As the second tier reward, you must have completed and earned the first tier reward as well.
    • 35 Complete Sets- Complete ANY 35 sets and you’re entitled to the third Blue star. As the third tier reward, you must have completed and earned the first two tiers rewards as well.

I understand that some people may already have a full 15 or 25 sets, and want to jump straight to getting two stars, but please let me know you’re applying for BOTH the first and second tier. Otherwise simply go through, tier by tier. Please note, this may be harder for you to get as some sets require quite a lot to complete. Others are hard as well, eg. Competitors set, if you don’t compete. So choose wisely and earn your keep! In order to receive the Blue Star, you must send the screenshots of the pages with the complete sets. This may vary from 2 to 19 screenshots.

  • Contact Methods
    • Send me a forum PM with which Rule you’re doing, and which Star you qualify for. (E.g Rule of 100, pets star // Rule of Sets, tier 1) Include screenshot if needed. If you’re applying for the Kudos or Diamonds Rule, let me know this, then look for me ingame. I’m on… quite a lot. So it shouldn’t be hard, but please send me a forum PM so I know to expect an invite from you. Your code will arrive as a response to your Forum PM, so please check this often.
  • Rules
    • Blue Star codes cannot be sold or traded. If you do this, you will be disqualified from receiving any more Blue Star codes.
    • You cannot manipulate the screenshots in anyway. Let them be shown in the full glory. (So no cropping/editing)
    • You cannot earn more than 3 stars. This also means that if you already have a blue star from a previous keeper, please let me know.
    • If you harass me, pester me or in some way try to rush me to get your code, I will make it more delayed on purpose. No, this doesn't mean I won't give you your star. It just means you'll get it... Eventually.


One of the 11 Stars required to own the Star Badge.


Blue Star N/A Kudos / N/A Diamonds icon
Blue Star

Description: One of the many Star pets! These special rewards cannot be purchased, do not drop, and cannot be sold. They are awarded by members of the community, often streamers or casters. Each color is available from a different person, though that person may change over time. Begging for Stars is a sure way to never be awarded one.

More information can probably be found on the AirMech Wiki.

Attributes: N/A


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