Has an explosive personality. Carries rockets on its back with dud guidance systems and runs direction into the nearest target.

Takes a few seconds to arm, so be sure to distract enemies when dropping these crude units and get ready for the boom!


The Boomer is a modified Soldier carrying an explosive charge that runs at enemy targets and explodes, dealing heavy damage in a small area. Good for hitting enemies that are grouped together and distracted.


  • Effective in small groups.
  • Deals Heavy damage


  • Is very weak to light units and infantry counters, such as Gatty or Jackal.
  • Must walk into melee range to explode
  • Requires a few seconds to arm the explosive on sighting an enemy.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with fast mechs like Neo, Striker, or Saucer to drop them close and distract enemies.
  • Effective with push-oriented loadouts


The Boomer will increase its move speed when it locks onto an enemy unit, and will run up next to them and explode. Once they are prepping their explosion, they will still self-destruct even if the enemy unit is picked up or moved. If a Boomer dies before exploding, it still does a bit of damage, although it is substantially less than full damage.