Retired - The Booster Pack is no longer available for purchase.

The Booster Pack, as the name suggests, boost the amount of Diamonds you own for Cosmetics and gives another 30 days of Gold VIP. The Booster Pack can be bought as many times as you like via either Google Buy, Amazon, PayPal or Steam Purchase. Originally x1 pack for $4.99 now available as x4 pack for $19.99 also.

Some events offer this as a prize as well, but this does not grant the player Silver VIP after the Gold VIP time expires; if obtained via an Event.

As of October 26th, 2013, the booster pack no longer includes Gold VIP.


x1 pack: $4.99 for 2000 Diamonds Diamonds icon

x4 pack: $19.95 for 10000 Diamonds Diamonds icon


x1 pack: 2000 Diamonds to spend however you like! 

x4 pack: Purchase four Booster Pack at once! 10000 Diamonds to spend however you like. 


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