This APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) is great for getting infantry into hard to reach areas. This unit is great when sent with Boomers (to destroy armored units) or capturing outposts with attacking infantry. It does have a mounted machine gun to help in a fight. The damage is minimal, but it's a tough unit.


The Boxer is a lightly armed, heavy armored unit. It's main role is to deliver infantry to heavily defended lines or hard to reach Outposts. When the Boxer is placed down the 4 closest infantry will automatically enter it, ready to be delivered to the nearest Outpost once the Boxer is commanded.


  • Is one of the most cost effective high health units, allowing it to take a lot of damage.
  • Can quickly neutralize outposts and then occupy them with the infantry that walk out once the Boxer reaches the outpost.


  • Does very little damage, needs other units in support to destroy outpost defenses.
  • Not effective for most combat roles.

Good Loadouts

  • Requires an infantry, or Creeps, to occupy the Boxer.
  • Blends well with Light Combat Units such as Jackal and Armadillo


Boxer, your standard APC, or Armored Personnel Carrier.

Boxer, as it's design suggests, is an Infantry-carrying vehicle; it can carry up to four infantry units, excluding the heavy Brute, for good reasons. This ability ables Boxer to hold a great many infantry-based strategies, as will be explained. When initially placed, Boxers will automatically call any nearby infantry into it. A light bulb atop the boxer will turn on when an infantry unit enters. Infantry units are shielded from all damage while inside a boxer, making boxers useful for safely transporting infantry for your army.

Upon reaching an outpost, Boxers will deploy all infantry currently inside it to help assault and neutralize the outpost in question. Soldiers, SAMs, and other basic infantry are useful for this purpose.

The boxer will also deploy its infantry if it is destroyed as well, allowing for Boxers to serve as fail-safe tactics against incoming fire. Filling Boxers with Boomers (often referred to as a "Boom-box") can unleash a nasty explosive surprise against attackers, for example, or filling boxers with Butchers or SAMs can help provide emergency anti-tank support. Placing Fixers or Necros in your boxers can enable a quick repair and revive function if your army comes under heavy fire. The possibilities are almost limitless with different infantry combinations.

Aside from carrying infantry, the Boxer itself is regarded as a highly useful and survivable unit. In order to keep the infantry inside safe from harm, the Boxer itself is lined with heavy armor, and a high health pool to boot, allowing it to face off against tanks for a long while, which make boxers great distraction and fodder support with Heavier tanks.

Its slow build time and Very weak cannon make it a little harder to field, however. Slow build times can make army production slower, and the light cannon reduce your overall damage output.

the one thing that could probably win a match in less than 30 minutes though,is when you make lots of boxers and fill them up with flamers

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