Slot: Misc.

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: N/A Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: 1 granted per Ranked PvP Victory

In-game Hotlink: Brag Card


Brag Cards can be obtained by winning a Ranked PvP match. If a Player already owns 10 Brag Cards, he will not receive more. Players are encouraged to use Report Cards as they obtain them.

Brag Cards are meant to be used in global chat to show off your Win/Loss ratio. Brag Cards can be used by typing /brag in global chat.


Brag Card N/A Kudos / N/A Diamonds icon
Brag Card

Description: Brag Card

The person who holds this card is kind of a big deal. One card is issued per victory in Ranked PvP combat, but you can't hold too many at one time. They are entitled to brag, at least a little bit.

Cannot be transferred to another player in any way.


  • This is a Consumable Item.


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