There are two types of buildings in AirMech: Fortresses and Outposts. Both of these allow the player to pick up units they have built from the build queue. Additionally, Buildings can heal and recharge mechs and units in cargo. Protecting the fortress while taking out the enemy's is the main goal of every standard game of AirMech. Fortresses do not change ownership and their only mode of operations are intact or destroyed. Outposts are a tad more complex; players need to neutralize outposts using units and then capturing it using infantry units. Capturing and holding outposts, while not as vital, is a stepping stone to victory. 

  • A Generic OutpostGo to Outposts
  • A Fortress.Go to Fortress
  • Bunkerless Outpost
  • Factory
  • Power Station

While not mandatory, they make progressing towards the enemy fortress a lot easier. Fortresses and Outposts also have sockets, which allow the player to place additional socket units onto them. Socket units include turrets, which may operate outside sockets, but gain benefits by staying on them and the other socket units that only function on sockets but provide profound benefits.

There are also some decorative building scattered throughout the maps, but they don't do much besides look pretty and serve as obstacles.

For more information about Outposts, go to the Outposts page.

Trivia Edit

  • on every map there is always at least one neutral outpost and at least one outpost already given to each player.