Literally a "tank buster", this little guy has a special place on the battlefield. They took a small tank, increased armor on the front, and gave it a really big gun.Since the weapon is so large the entire tank must rotate to be able to aim. With proper aiming of these guys, the enemy will have a hard time pushing lighter units and tanks towards you!


Buster can be effectively used to destroy the frontlines of the battlefield while shielding it's own units from damage.


  • The Buster has an extra 50 armor on the front, allowing it to absorb more damage.
  • Has a longer attack range than most tanks, meaning it can attack units outside their attack range


  • Must turn entire tank chassis in order to rotate, making it very weak against light units, Infantry, and mechs.
  • Cannot fire at targets while moving.

Good Loadouts

  • Buster is best used with a strong carry mech along with supporting tanks and repair units to keep the front lines healed.


The Buster, named for its ability to "bust" tank lines, is a force to be reckoned with. Although it does not possess some of the more "tanky" aspects of the Gemini or Longhorn, its extremely high base damage and fortified front armor allow it to deal massive damage if untouched. The Buster takes reduced damage when hit on the front, making it a great choice when defending against tank pushes.

Unlike regular tanks, whose cannons are mounted on a rotating turret, the Buster's cannon is mounted to the entire tank, meaning that the entire tank must turn to fire at its target. Use with caution as Airmechs will be able to strafe around this tank without taking any damage due to its slow rotation speed. It is recommended that you place this tank behind a wall of either Turtles or T99s. Additionally, a Seeker or Flakker can be used to support against enemy airmechs.

This unit is a poor choice when making offensive pushes, as the Buster cannot fire at targets unless they are directly in front of it, and will be completely vulnerable to fire until it can stop to turn itself again. As such, the buster is best used as a defensive, or a "microed" unit, meaning a unit that a mech constantly moves around in order to deal more damage. Due to the stationary nature of it's combat abilities, it is extremely effective at guarding choke points, or other routes frequently traveled on by the enemy, and as such, the Buster makes an exceptional choice in Warzone maps, as enemies typically funnel through a select number of routes.


  • Appears to be based on the real-life Jagdpanther, a heavy German tank destroyer from WWII.