Grinders are great, but sometimes you want something more nimble that you can drop down anywhere and say "shred". Even tanks need to watch out for this one! It's melee range makes attacking structures more difficult however. It can be assigned orders if needed.

Requires Level 3 in game in order to build.


The Butcher is a powerful melee infantry that can quickly rip through most units. It is strong against light units and Infantry, but specializes in destroying heavier units with it's high weapon rating and damage. It is very strong, so it cannot be built until Level 3, and requires two upkeep.


  • Butcher's high damage can take out most units if dropped next to them and supported with Mech fire.
  • Is one of the strongest melee units, and is the infantry version of the Grinder.
  • Can destroy Bear Traps.


  • Is a melee unit, so can be taken out from long range.
  • Will die quickly if pushed into enemy units without support.
  • Is very expensive, takes two upkeep, and cannot be built until level 3.

Good Loadouts

  • Has great synergy with the Bomber.
  • Is a great distracting unit when pushing to drop behind enemy lines, so works well with a pushing build.


A heavier version of the Assassin, the Butcher can be compared to the Brute in terms of armor. Small numbers of Butchers can be used to damage and distract tanks.

If you see an enemy preparing a tank push, you can build several Butchers to wreak havoc among the enemy lines. It both kills units and distracts them, allowing the player do do some additional damage with their Airmech. Extremely effective against All Infantry , Buckys , and Armadillos. However, very weak against structural defense and practically useless for capturing buildings. Not recommended for pushes, use only as a disruptor unit.