What a strange nameEdit

The faction name is inspired from Frank Herbert's Dune universe (no link with Ennio Morricone whatsoever); CHOAM stands for Combine Honnete Over Advanced Mercantiles.

CHOAM it is the company that controls all economic affairs across the cosmos, but don't panic, we let the AirMech player market out of this :-)

Our GoalsEdit

  • Maintain a helpful atmosphere
  • Fairly serve (and not sever!) the AirMech community
  • Devote ourselves into helping any player in any kind of reasonable way.
  • Negociate economic prosperity through strategic domination
  • Vaporize ruthless A.I.s (see Butlerian Jihad)
  • Let the spice flow

Joining the FactionEdit

Players that like to farm anything, anytime, are welcome, just send your request to one of the officers, and you'll get an invite in return. See members, no precipitations.

Faction tax is set to 10%, the tax kudos will be used when structures become available.

Faction Diamonds are generated when charted members purchase Diamonds.

Logistics and CommunicationsEdit


Member of the faction trying to communicate in his own dialect

Members are from all meridians, and most communications between them are written in english (some with funny accents) on the faction tab. Some of our members from a culturally remote system (and in need of a babelfish translator), even find themselves chatting together in their own dialects by using the lobby. Note : None of our members is a Harkonnen.


Faction players are mainly coop farmers from all over the globe. The following are the members of CHOAM :

  • Faction Leader: tobozo
  • Faction Senior Officers: Tipiak75
  • Faction Officers: Chameleonosaur, castorsux

Mail any officer in-game to receive an invite.

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