CTF or Capture the Flag (Core) entails returning the enemy's flag or core to your base while retaining control of your own.

Each fortress is slightly modified from that of standard matches with a core just above the main gate. Capturing a core is no different to picking up a regular unit. Once a core is onboard simply return the enemy core to a socket at your fortress thereby destroying 1/3 of the enemy fortress' health, or to restore your own core and thus enable flag captures. If an AirMech dies while carrying a core it is returned to it's home fortress. Capture 3 cores and you win.

You lose energy at a faster pace while holding the core so it is a good strategy to use a pilot with increased fuel efficiency. Also note that you recharge health at a slower rate too while holding the core so it may be wisest to drop the core before restoring yourself at an outpost.

If both cores are on the battlefield and one is put in a fortress socket, it will stay in there until that team's core is returned.

To return your team's core, pick it up off the ground and bring it back to any socket your team controls.

Domination Damage does not work in CTF, and units cannot damage the Fortress.


The strategy here is simple. Go fast. XM-51 Saucer is your best friend in CTF because it's blinking ability makes it the fastest mech in the game. Against AI, you can win in about 3 minutes on Nesthorn .

You can only use the socket locations to hold the enemy core or to return your own core to your fortress.

Twin Peaks is the most popular map for CTF because the fortresses are close together, which encourages dogfighting and death. 

The CTF gamemode is sometimes used as dogfighting practice because of the short pregame timer and respawn times. 

CTF is often played with Ultimate Fuel or Teddy Bear so that each player only has one life, meaning the first team to die loses. 

Trivia Edit

  • It was previously possible to pick up your own core from the base.
    • AirMech with Current Core
    • Old Green Core
    • Old Blue Core
  • There was once a bug that allowed the enemy to damage your base like in regular games.
  • CTF was temporarily removed in Beta Build 28323.

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