AM Campaign 0816

AirMech offers many different Game Modes, most of which revolve around destroying the enemy's fortress. Campaign mode is similar to Challenges in terms of their short and guided missions, compared to rest of other game modes.

Missions Edit

Scrapyard Edit

  • Description: Use a STRIKER FRAME AirMech in ground mode only to escape the base. Extraction Point DUE NORTH.
  • Strategy: Your Striker AirMech is disabled to fire and fly. All you need to do is avoid enemy units and bombs while constantly walking toward north for the next base.

Run 'n Gun Edit

  • Description: Equip a WEAPONS CORE and blast your way through the wrecked base to escape.
  • Strategy: Go to repair pad next to base to equip your weapons but your Mech still can't fly. Using same strategy as 'Scrapyard' except you can shoot enemies now, go to the north for the next base. You don't need to kill all enemies like 'Stay Low'.

Stay Low Edit

  • Description: Seek and Destroy ALL enemy forces in the Ghost Canyon refinery area.
  • Strategy: Go to repair pad next to base to equip both your weapons and fly gear. After that, fly north to find and destroy 3 Generator settlements guarded by units as well as guarding Vulcans and patrolling units around the map. All enemy forces need to be killed to pass.

Convoy Edit

  • Description: Transport and place AI TURRETS to destroy an enemy convoy through the DMZ.
  • Strategy: Land your AirMech and go South-East while destroying all enemy units on the road. Then find a strategic spot (most likely the hilltop on road) and gather all friendly T99 and Gattys to barricade. There are two enemy waves that will be stopped by your barricade and all enemy units need to be killed to pass.

Field Command Edit

  • Description: Mobilize a squadron of ROCKET TRUCKS to destroy an enemy stronghold.
  • Strategy: Fly and select friendly units with CTRL then send them to enemy stronghold by "T" command. While friendly units marching North, you need to both eliminate enemy units on the road and gather more friendly units to attack the Northern enemy base.

Strike Force Edit

  • Description: Produce and command a mechanized assault force to strike a deadly blow.
  • Strategy: Your base can only produce Soldiers and you need to capture 3 more enemy base located on North-East road. You can build an army of soldiers and capture bases one by one while destroying enemy units scattered through the map. Or you can only produce 4 soldiers per base and use them to backdrop and capture enemy bases one by one ignoring others. Middle base also has guarding Vulcans that should be eliminated.

Notes Edit

Although this new game mode is called "Campaign", it is mostly the reworked Challenges mode for training AirMech beginners about the gameplay basics. And this mode should not be confused with "AirMech: Uprising", a stand alone game based on AirMech with Campaign missions featuring the story related part of AirMech. AirMech: Uprising is announced to be a not F2P game where current AirMech Prime owners will get a free key for.

Campaign missions can be accessed by the campaign base structure located on your map as shown below.

AM CampaignBase 0816

Campaign Base Structure

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