Slot: Pet

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: N/A Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Available ONLY to the most Helpful Testers (Dev granted)

In-game Hotlink: Canary Bird

Classification: Ancient


This flair is manually awarded for exceptional bug reporting, such as testers whom help bug test the current Canary or Live Build; as well as give details on how to reproduce the rare bugs that they find.

Along with its prestige, Canary Bird allows its owners early access to newly implemented features for testing, such as, Player Market access and revolutionary Salt map access before they were released for public use and an option to reset or unlock all Challenges so they can be redone in no particular order.


Canary Bird N/A Kudos / N/A Diamonds icon
Canary Bird

Description: Canary Bird.

Given only to the most helpful and stalwart of testers. This item cannot be purchased.

Attributes: N/A

Current AbilitiesEdit

Access freecam by pressing Ctrl+F2 in a Solo match

Previous AbilitiesEdit

  • Use player market prior to release
  • Access Salt in solo when the map was in its first stages of testing.
  • Reset challenge stars/unlock all challenges (doesn't affect already achieved quests)
  • View new Airmech Intro. (Located under Learn, Practice)
  • Access the Arena UI by pressing both thumbsticks while in the menus


  • Newly available testing features, for canary holders, will show a canary bird icon near the new feature
  • The first player able to collect all three birds (Cardinal Bird, Canary Bird, and Larry), was Eddnamed, followed by MissMinx, Fedcomp, and iSaint. These players have been nicknamed the BirdKeepers by MrFiregem as a sign of extreme luck and skill, due to the extreme difficulty of attaining each bird individually, let alone all three.
  • The Canary Bird is a silent grant item; This means that when an account is given Canary Bird, it does not notify the player, even if they are online when the item is granted to them. Until a player notices the Canary Bird in their collection as a flair, they will have no knowledge that they have been given one.
  • Canary Bird is occasionally given out when developers appreciate the consistency and level of description players use when reporting found bugs and how to reproduce them.
  • Running the Canary Client is not required to obtain a Canary Bird, nor is the Canary Client restricted to Canary Bird holders. When making bug reports however, if using the Canary Client this should be noted along with the build number, as things in the Canary Client may or may not be perfectly identical to the live build, even if the build number is the same.


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