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Carbon Games Inc. is a privately held company based in Belluvue, Washington. They are an independent video game developer.

The tagline behind Carbon games is "We are Carbon. We make Games"

Carbon Games is the game studio behind AirMech. The core of the team was part of the now dissolved Titan Studios which worked on the PS3 game Fat Princess available on the PSN Store.


Jg James Green

Kk Ken Klopp (aka devken)

Me Matthew Endsley (aka boblan)

Wc Weng Chen (aka Wonn) (Blog)

Db Dawna Baltins

Nc Nick Chou

Cm Chris Merritt

Social ConnectionsEdit

Carbon twitter logo Official Website

Steam group Steam Group

icon_facebook.png Facebook Page

icon_google.png Google+ Page

icon_youtube.png YouTube Channel

icon_twitter.png Twitter Page

AM Logo Twitter AirMech

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