Each AirMech is capable of carrying units. Each can always carry at least one unit and at most four, depending on the units' weight. The more the units you're carrying weigh, the faster your AirMech energy will deplete when it flies. Each AirMech has a specific carrying capacity, which reflects how much unit mass the AirMech can carry and how much, as well as how quickly the AirMech will lose energy while carrying a load. You can not land while a unit is in your cargo. While dropping units you can assign orders to them via clicking the order or by pressing the hotkey. Socketables and some infantry are exceptions in that they do not accept orders.

New Carrying

You can disable showing the In-game unit orders menu in Settings.

Carry ExplainedEdit

  1. Unit tiles showing which units and how many the AirMech is carrying.
  2. Indicators showing where the units will be dropped and how many, as well as which direction they will start moving.
  3. Assigns the order of having the unit go to the nearest non-allied outpost.
  4. Assigns the order of having the unit patrol around given points.
  5. Assigns the order of having the unit linked with another unit.
  6. Assigns the order of having the unit attack the enemy fortress.
  7. Assigns the order of having the unit stay stationary at a point.
  8. Carry Capacity bar, shows total weight of currently carried units. (White Vertical bar displayed near your AirMech health)


  • As of build 13250.1 max carry cap is now 4.
  • AirMechs slow down and drain energy when carrying units.

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