Chasm has 5 outpost, with each team controlling the two on their side of the map. All of the outposts are filled with brutes initially. The centre is a semi-fortified neutral outpost with a T-99's on each side. It's a chore to transport units past even after capturing it hence attacking via the one of the two bridges is often simpler. These are protected by 2 Longhorn & 2 T-99's. With the release of strike, units will not path through the bridges until the neutrals are destroyed.


Artillery, and healing units are nearly mandatory for fighting high level fights for the middle outpost on this map.  Tanks are also needed to keep the middle outpost neutralized so enemies cannot take it.

Whoppers are extremely powerful on this map due to the fact that games often become long stalemates.


  • Chasm has the only outpost (center) which has only 2 doors.


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