Release Date: July 31st, 2012 (Beta Build 11075.0)

Slot: Item

Kudos Price: 1500 Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: 270 Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Shop

In-game Hotlink: Chimney's Tooth


Increases build speed by 5% which helps in a small way. This item was created as a reward of ChimneySwift for 250 Referrals that reached Level 10. ChimneySwift is a well known multiple games caster on Youtube, with a considerable number of following loyal Swifters.


Chimney's Tooth 1500 Kudos / 270 Diamonds icon

Description: Chimney's Tooth.

Once in the mouth of YouTuber ChimneySwift11, this tooth will help you build units faster. It also adds the spirit of the Swifter Army!


  • +5% Unit Build Speed
  • +100% Swifter


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