Ultra High Ping-Time/Horrible Lag!Edit

If your ping-time is perpetually high/lagging a lot (NOT OTHER PEOPLE'S, there is a vote kick for that) and you're being kicked very often thanks to your lagging of the game, this guide is for you! There's also one step to handle others' lag though.

Repeated Desync/Desync Upon Entry!?Edit

If you have any of these two problems affecting you, follow the following steps (hardy-har-har.):

1. Check For Basic Problems. Lousy graphics cards and CPUs, along with not choosing the correct server to play in all fall under this category. AirMech detected a problem with your graphics driver? DON'T proceed! Gameplay will be horrible for BOTH yourself and other players! Think of the community when you're performing selfish acts! Also check if you're playing in a server that's close to you. Games hosted 10000km away from your country are obviously going to lag you to death or desync! Running other games while playing AirMech most likely will make similar problems occur.

2. Close Background Applications That Affect Gameplay. Things that increase ping-time by constantly hogging bandwidth such as µTorrent or Funshion should be EXITED meaning removed from running in the background. Depending on the status of your internet connection (some types of wireless are terrible for online gaming), this may or may not drastically affect lag during online PvP/Co-op/CTF/Survival games. Note that Survival and Spiral tend to lag much more due to the colossal numbers of entities on the map at any time.

3. Restart The Client. This works on all versions of AirMech (Chrome, Steam and PC). It has been reported that doing this in between games have led to much smoother gameplay (and decreased desyncing!). Also, have more than one AirMech client running at any time as that will cause serious lag, making restarting the client useless.

If Other Players Lag The Game.Edit

If there's not a single problem with your side of the game, lag is probably due to the server or other players. Here's what to do with other players:

4. Initiate A Vote Kick On Laggy Players. While it may be most likely due to the volatility of the Chrome client, if other people lag consistently and have high ping-time, it could be down to their irresponsibility of not following the above steps. Failure to do so may greatly affect others' gameplay. It'll be shameful to do such thing. If the game lags TERRIBLY (please do not button camp and kick when you're losing or at the slightest bit of lag) thanks to other players, feel free to kick them and stabilize the situation.

What If All Of That Didn't Work? (Last Resort)Edit

So those 4 solutions gave no fruitful result. So you're getting mad at the frequent lag and desyncs. There's only one thing for it now...

5. Move To Steam/PC Version! After encountering all these problems (and successfully enacting all these countermeasures) on the Chrome Version, I finally decided to pack up (but not before buying the Chrome EXCLUSIVE Chrome Saucer) and head to the FREE PC Version. It has less lag, literally has 5 times the number of games Chrome has at any time, and gets the updates earlier!

Download The PC Version Here!:

Well, what about the Steam version? The only thing you need is Steam, as AirMech is now Open Beta and free to play in Steam! The Steam version is exactly the same as the PC version except for the achievements function of Steam.

Thanks for reading, and hope this helps you better your gameplay!

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