Keyboard and MouseEdit

General: Edit

  • Arrow keys: same function as WASD.
  • Shift: transform to plane if robot, to robot if plane. Cannot transform when carrying units.
  • Tab: open map.
  • Enter: Opens chat console.
  • ! (as first symbol in chat): Team chat
  • @Person'sName (as first word in chat): Send a whisper to that person,
    • If the Person's name contains a space, do @"Person's Name"
    • Alternatively, Right-clicking a person's name in chat will type this down for you.
  • Ctrl+?: display frames per second and ping in the lower right corner during games.
  • Ctrl+T: capture
  • Ctrl+Y: attack
  • Ctrl+F: link
  • Ctrl+G: patrol
  • B (hold down): self-destruct (both thumbsticks on gamepad)
  • Space (hold down over base while holding unit): recycle unit
  • OKL; keys: are alternates to the mouse.
  • H: Colorblind option.
  • P: Auto-Aim
  • Middle Mouse Click: Special AirMech Ability

Air: Edit

  • Left click (air): Fires Primary Weapon. Can be held.
  • Space (air): pickup/drop unit. Can be held for precise placement.
  • Right click (air): Use air special ability. (Overlaps with drop command).
  • Space (hold down) + Fly over: Pick up multiple units.
  • Ctrl+No Cargo (over a group of units): highlights units for mass command, can then order for attack base or outost assault


  • Mouse wheel scroll down/Q: brings down the production (cockpit) window.
  • Left click (cockpit): build selected unit and close window.
  • Right click (cockpit): build selected unit and keep window open.
  • R: repeat last build order.
  • 1-8: shortcuts for unit production.
  • F1-F8: shortcuts for abilities.
  • Backspace: cancel last build order.

Ground: Edit

  • Space bar (ground): transform to plane mode.
  • Left click (ground): shoot gun.
  • Right click(ground): use ground special ability.

Unit orders: Assigned while holding unit. Edit

  • E: same order as last.
  • C: hold position.
  • T: capture structure.
  • Y: attack enemy fortress.
  • F: link to unit
  • G: patrol area.
  • Shift+Right click (holding unit with patrol order): set patrol marker.
  • Right click (holding unit): clicking on order icons gives order to unit without dropping it.


  • 1-6: spectate players 1-6.
  • Space: spectate next player.
  • P: pause.


Controller controls

AirMech Controls

Default Control SetupEdit

Default controls

For more info go to:

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