Crater features the two main bases and seven outposts, there is a power station, outpost, and factory close to each team's fortress, while the middle is a generic outpost.

A line of Iron Hand-controlled T99s and HAATs divide the map in half.


Most players/teams will attempt first to take the neutral outposts that are close to their starting position.  It is possible to fire at the brutes that are in this outpost before the game starts, being able to take down 2-3 if timed well enough.  Upon capturing this neutral outpost, the game normally progresses towards the center outpost.  Mid-fights at this outpost are not too much unlike midfights on Duel and Dust.  However, there is also an option to send a side-push from the bottom or top lanes.  When sending a push through these lanes, it is advised to deactivate the light mine cluster before sending your units.  This can be done quickly by stepping over them all with your AirMech (although you will be very low health if you do this in one clear).  Alternately, you can clear half of them, go back to your outpost, and return to clear the other half.  

Because of the potential for side-pushes on this map, players should stay alert when playing on this map, similarly to Chasm .  When constructing a side-push, it is better to make a smaller one than a large one because your opponents will usually scout a large side-push before you can send them, giving them time to establish proper defenses that will block your side-push.


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