Credits are used in matches to build units and respawn AirMechs. You constantly earn credits from your fortress, and outposts. Moneymakers on sockets boosts credit flow. Credits earned can be positively or negatively influenced by both Pilots and Items.

Earning CreditsEdit

  • Your Fortress produces 165c/sec in PvP. In CTF, it is 160c/sec and in Survival, it is 120c/sec. You always have this income source and it never changes.
  • Recycling units when they have done their job, or when you simply need money for other types of units is also a valid option. Pick up the unit you want to sell, go over an outpost or fort you own and hold space to recycle it. You receive 100% refund for all units even if they are damaged. This can also be used to transfer money between players.
  • Salvage - new method to gain credits for a team shared by healing type units salvaging the metal from the wreckage.
  • MoneyMaker produce credits based on how many players are on your team. Every player on your team gets that amount of credits. MoneyMakers stack linearly (no diminishing returns), so the amounts listed above are per MoneyMaker that you have active:

    1: 75Cr/5sec = 15/sec

    2: 50Cr/5sec = 10/sec

    3: 37Cr/5sec = 7.4/sec

  • CREDITBOXES NO LONGER ACCRUE INTEREST Lockboxes, Safeboxes and Vaultboxes can be used to transfer money between players quickly. They can also, however be left to sit for a bit to accrue some interest. The boxes get 1% compounding interest every 10 seconds. The initial interest amounts are:

    Lockbox: 100Cr/10sec = 10Cr/sec

    Safebox: 300Cr/10sec = 30Cr/sec

    Vaultbox: 750Cr/10sec = 75Cr/sec

    The amount of credits gained is an exponential equation represented by


Where C is the credits in the box, Ip is the initial cost of the box and t is the time in seconds since the box was built.
In addition, you can use ComptonEMT's box calculator (Link not Functional) to find how much interest you can accrue and  how quickly.

While the interest seems appealing, keep in mind that the boxes have to be kept alive and be resold when you want to use the funds. They will not be accessible until the boxes are sold. Also, the boxes are much less cost efficient for money production than MoneyMakers due to their high costs. They can, however be used off pads, unlike MoneyMakers. Use at your risk.

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