Crossroads is a map for the Game Mode Survival. There are 8 lanes the enemy units will approach from. After 9 waves, the survivors are victorious.

Enemy Waves (for solo mode)Edit


Wave 1: 30 Zippers (NW lane)

Wave 2: 30 Zippers and 30 Soldiers (NE lane)

Wave 3: 8 Zippers, 8 Jackals, 8 Gorgons, 6 Seekers (SW lane) 

Wave 4: 30 Zippers (NW), Group of Gorgons, Jackals, Seekers (SW), Total 60.

Wave 5: Same as wave 4, plus some Soldiers, Total 90.

Wave 6: 1 Jackal each on NW,SW,NE. Groups of Gorgons, Jackals and Buckys and Soldiers on NW,SW,NE. Total 90.

Wave 7: 80 SAM infantries from N,S, E, W, then 4 Gemini-Goliath from top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.

Wave 8: 140 units from all directions, including every unit type mentioned above.N,S,E,W will only have SAM unit.

Wave 9: Every unit type and lots of Gemini-Goliath from all directions.


  • MoneyMakers are important early game to fund the construction of defenses.
  • Generators are important in the later stages when Credits are hopefully not a problem but you need to maximize your defenses. When combined with Ultimate Samson though it is easy to hit the hard cap which prevents you from building further units irrespective of your population cap.
  • Using Stasis Mines slows the enemy advance, keeping them in range of your defensive line weapons, and more importantly allows your MoneyMakers to churn out more Credits!
  • The simplest way to defend your fort is to put 2 Longhorns, Geminis, Gatty or T99 turrets and blockade the lane so enemy units cannot rush your Fortress. Always focus on the NW,NE, then SW lanes first as per the creep waves. Reinforce these defenses as time and credits permit with healing and heavier units.
  • Artillery units can be placed on the corners of your base to wipe out scores of infantries attacking your outposts. This will help protect your power supply to train additional troops needed.
  • Placing artillery or Buckys will provide additional firepower for your heavy units guarding the lanes. Buckys can easily guard 2 lanes if you place them in between, while artillery can only defend the lane they are overlooking, albeit with better attack.
  • Playing the Osprey AirMech will easily help to keep your defenders alive. It is also recommended you place healers behind each group of heavy armored defenders so you don't have to fly everywhere repairing units. The best pilots to for this are Kira or Samson (or Ultimate Samson if you have him).
  • There is no need to build Goliaths or Devastators until wave 8 and 9 however starting construction as soon as credits and level permits simplifies things as you can construct defenses around these more powerful units then forget about them.
  • The most dangerous lanes during wave 9 are the N,S,E,W lanes as Gemini-Goliaths and Devastators can easily hit your Fortress from the base of the ramps leading up to it.
  • Rushing with Bombs on Wave 9 can help thin enemies, but do it as your situation allows. It's more important to ensure your defenses remain intact and build\relocate units if needed.

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