Easily the scariest thing to see come knocking on your door. Remember the Goliath? This has, essentially, six Goliath cannons ready to break down any defense. Build time and costs are high but when these come out late game the battle completely changes! Requires Level 9 in game in order to build.


The Devastator is the most powerful unit in the game. It is first in terms of health and damage. It can destroy any unit it encounters, and takes a concentrated effort to kill. It's only downfalls are its cost, slow turret rotation and movement speed, and the fact that it cannot be built until Level 9 in-game.


  • Devastator has a very high weapon rating and high damage, allowing it to kill all units in just a few shots.
  • Can survive indefinitely with the help of Support units and its high base health.
  • Built as an end-game unit, can quickly destroy the enemy Fortress.
  • Is very efficient in terms of upkeep, costing only 5 for such high damage.


  • Can be distracted by infantry, light units and mechs because of its slow rotation speed.
  • Has a slow movement speed, giving your enemy time to react to a Devastator push.
  • Takes a large credit and time investment to build, can only be used in long games.

Good Loadouts

  • Devastator works best in loadouts consisting of Anti-Air and light units to protect them from infantry distractions and enemy AirMechs.
  • Has synergy with the Bertha, and Leveler to get to Level 9 quickly.


Devastators are prime targets that are likely picked off when left unattended. Escort with repair units and anti-air units along with other combat units. The devastator should bear the brunt of the enemy attacks whilst letting more fragile allied units continue attacking.


  • It has the largest model of any unit.


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