Slot: Pet

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: N/A Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Diamond VIP members only.

In-game Hotlink: Diamond Pet


Diamond Pet was released on May 11th, 2014 and is not marketable. It is only available as a DVIP Club Card reward to all DVIP players. Each successive level of Diamond VIP grants another pet, up to 3.


Diamond Pet N/A Kudos / N/A Diamonds icon
Diamond Pet

Description: Diamond Pet. DVIP EXCLUSIVE

Membership has its privileges. The Diamond Pet cannot be found or traded, but only comes from attaining Diamond VIP status. If you see a player with this ingame, you know they are big supporter of AirMech. Additional DVIP levels award more Pets, up to 3.



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