Release Date: Oct 27, 2012 (Beta Build 13071.0)

Slot: Misc.

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: 500 Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Shop. Also via Crate 1 (24% chance) though this is a retired drop so only rarely available via Player Market.

Alternate: Diamond Roll (3 Pack), Black Diamond Roll

In-game Hotlink: Diamond Roll

Classification: Legendary


The Diamond Roll consumable allows the player to initialize an Ultimate Samson Diamond Roll contest. The contest starts after Ultimate Samson announces that players should click on the Diamond Roll Banner's rolling dices, though typing /roll in Global chat also permits participation. The initiator can type /diamondroll to start a roll. Each player's results are shown in the roll banner.

Unless it's a special roll, a player can only roll once per contest. Roll result's scroll up in the roll banner with only leading/trailing changes and winners shown in Global chat. The roll banner also shows your score (in the middle), leading number (top right), trailing number (bottom right), how many players have rolled (bottom left) and how much time remains (clock on left).


There can be multiple winners tied with high and low scores. The player(s) with the highest roll gets 360 diamonds, while the one(s) with the lowest roll gets 60 diamonds in a Roll Pool of 1-1000. In previous updates rewards were 240 diamonds and 60 diamonds respectively with a Roll Pool of 1-100. The reward rates were originally 120 & 30 diamonds respectively.

As a small extra, the Diamond Roll initiator gets 60 seconds of 'Golden Chat Text' to differentiate the player's chat lines from others.

Historically Diamond Rolls were rare with a pack of 3 given by developers as a reward to players who reached Level 100 for their dedication and loyalty to AirMech. This still takes many hours of gameplay. The reward for the Level 100 Quest no longer includes a Diamond Roll (3 Pack).

Roll BadgesEdit

After a recent update, Diamond Roll Badges are granted to players who've done multiple rolls and shared their wealth with the community. There are 5 versions of the Roll Badge;

  • Roller (White Dice): Given to Players which have rolled 15 Diamond Rolls
  • High Roller (Blue Dice): Given to Players which have rolled 75 Diamond Rolls
  • Uber Roller (Orange Dice): Given to Players which have rolled 300 Diamond Rolls
  • Uber Alles Roller (Green Dice): Give to Players which have rolled 1,500 Diamond Rolls
  • Goes to 11 Roller (Purple Dice): Given to Players which have rolled 5,000 Diamond Rolls


Diamond Roll N/A Kudos / 500 Diamonds icon
Diamond Roll

Description: Diamond Roll. Show your wealth and power by issuing diamond rolls into global chat.


  • This is a Consumable item.

Trivia Edit

  • It is considered common courtesy not to ask someone to initiate a diamond roll, considering how it costs diamonds to buy one, it's somewhat rude to ask openly.
  • When players attempt to get roller badges by doing series of rolls these are known as a "RollPlosion" or a "DiamondRain".


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