Duel is a map that is linear in shape but full of multiple pathways. However, the majority of the pathways lead to the middle outpost.  Duel is notable for being the only map where teams start with three outposts.



As far as maps go, this map has the most diverse set of lanes but no height variations. The 2 closest outposts to the base are very close, while there is a group of 3 outposts in the center that are relatively far from the bases. Holding one of the central clusters of outposts is absolutely key to the success of this map. There is a central lane that snakes around with a rectangular lane that surrounds the rest of the map, only containing 2 points of access at the second closest outposts to each base. The map also features spawning lockboxes which can be recycled for 5000 credits + interest, although seekers and longhorns will spawn later too.

This map is great for 2v2s and 3v3s. It is somewhat large and outpost heavy for a 1v1 map, but it can still be fun to play a 1v1 on.


  • Duel contains seven outposts, one of which is heavy guarded by neutrals
  • Duel is the map with the highest amount of starting outposts (three).
  • Duel used to be identical to Nesthorn until it was given a rework.
  • Duel once had a desert terrain.



Duel's Infobox

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