Dust is the most imbalanced map in the game at the moment, as it is completely asymmetrical. On each side there are two outposts, and the teams start with the closest one. The other is neutral and unguarded other than neutral soldiers in the bulbs. The center has a neutral T99 at each corner. There are two neutrals, a Longhorn and a Seeker, directly north of this outpost. Slightly west of those two is another neutral Longhorn. South of the center outpost, there is a path with two Longhorns on it.


There are three potential scenarios on Dust. The first scenario is that the enemy tries to rush you with light units such as Jackals. If you don't have base defense, the Jackals will likely kill you or take your close outpost from you, requiring you to repeatedly drop Creeps in an attempt to recover it. The second scenario is that the enemy takes middle first. From there, they will either mass tanks and Seekers at the middle, or at outpost B. If the case is the former, you'll need artillery and a good base defense around your second outpost (if on left) or just past your first (if on right). If the case is the latter, you should build tanks as defense on the lane that they will send them down, so you can easily repel the attack. Scenario three is that you get the middle early. If this is the case, mass tanks and Seekers at either middle or your second, and built artillery to solidify your lead.


  • Dust was originally named Simple, but was changed and graphically updated in Beta Build 28323.
  • The two sides on Dust are asymmetrical. The left side has a distinct tactical advantage.
  • Dust is a cropped and re-sized version of Thar.


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