Release Date: February 20th, 2015 (Beta Build 33447)

Slot: Other

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: 480 Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Shop

In-game Hotlink: Ebola Vaccine


Ebola Vaccine will add a badge to your Inventory when consumed. It will allow one to become immune to the effects of Ebola in chat.

Similar to the Hazmat suit, except is permanent, and you don't have to equip it everytime you want to stay safe.


Ebola Vaccine N/A Kudos / 480 Diamonds icon
Ebola Vaccine

Description: Ebola Vaccine

Though Ebola was eradicated in 2020, in the post-war world people stopped getting vaccinated. Safe and effective, there is no rational reason not to use this is if you want to protect yourself. Seriously.


  • Consumable


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