Additional energy reserves! Each Energy Guardian provides an additional 5% energy reserve capacity for your AirMech.


The Energy Guardian is the guardian which increases your AirMech's energy efficiency, allowing you to stay out on the battlefield for longer periods of time. This guardian is great for increasing the length of time you can spend out on the field, and allows you to escape in low health situations after using your abilities for long periods of time.


  • Increases the energy efficiency of your mech, making it more effective for flying and using abilities.
  • Makes it easier to have dogfights and can save your life when being chased.

Good Loadouts

  • Can be used with mechs whose abilities drain lots of energy such as Warthog and Helix to allow them to stay on the front lines longer.
  • Works well with mechs who spend a lot of time scouting such as Neo and Saucer.


Energy Guardians work best for AirMechs that use a lot of Energy with their abilities. Equipping the Helix with these Guardians allows for more missiles to be shot, and the Saucer can utilize the extra energy for its Death Ray. They can also increase the time a Bomber can bomb for, and a Neo 's cloaking time. Any Guardian can help any AirMech, but test the Guardians before deciding whether to use them or not.