Slot: Item

Kudos Price: 1800 Kudos Kudos for a stack of 3

Diamond Price: 270 Diamonds Diamonds icon for permanent unlock

Availability: Drop System (Rare)

Alternate: Atlas

In-game Hotlink: Extensive Atlas


Equipping this item gives you 10% more radar range for your AirMech, but takes -3% of your unit upkeep for it. Useful if you're the kind of player who scouts often. Also, you can detect rushes faster than before. Also should be noted that can be stacked with your team, so if all three teammates use the Extensive Atlas, you gain 30% map vision.


Extensive Atlas 1800 Kudos / 270 Diamonds icon
Extensive Atlas Crop b20718

Description: Extensive Atlas - Nano cloud observational awareness of the battlefield.


  • +10% Team Radar Vision Range
  • -3% Unit Upkeep


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