RivetingTV: AirMech Faction Furball

Where: Twitch.TV: RivetingTV

Current Vote: Faction Furball Vote 1/27/2013

Last Week on AFF: 1/20/2013

3 vs 3 best of 3  First map will always be Chasm Second map will be chosen by loser of first game Tie-Breaker will be chosen by the team that has not chosen a map yet Banned Maps: Simple Pilot/Item/Loadout Restrictions: None Player Selection: At the discretion of the faction leader but all players must have the faction tag attached and provide proof via global chat.

Faction check in and pin distribution will be done via the VOIP program, Mumble. It is mandatory for at least 1 member of each faction to be present on the mumble server. The server information will be given out to each faction participating.  DOWNLOAD MUMBLE HERE:

Pre-Game: Your team must have at least 1 representative on the mumble voice server. This is where you will check in and be given the pin for your match.

If your faction does not check in on mumble by 9:50 PST you will forfeit your spot and not be eligible to play again for another month.

Substitutions: You may substitute any player that has your factions tag attached to their name in global chat.

During Game: No Glitching or Exploits

If a disconnect happens in the first 5 minutes of the game the team with the player that disconnects can opt to have a restart of the game. 

Any time a player drops out between 5-7 minutes the game can be restarted if both teams agree.

Only 1 restart per game.

Weekly Procedures and Faction Selection: Polls will go up Monday night of each week, and closed out on Wednesday.  Factions selected by the community will be notified that day.  Faction leaders have until the end of Friday Night Flights to confirm their teams availability.  Back up teams will be voted on in case the first team can not make it.  Factions are only eligible for 1 game a month unless they are defending their title. 

Date Teams Winner Vote Match Winner Crown Match
1/20/2013 HSA VS GW GW GW
1/27/2013 Under Way TBD TBD
2/3/2012 TBD TBD TBD
2/10/2012 TBD TBD TBD
2/17/2012 TBD TBD TBD

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