Longhorn Alternate. (+4% Hit Points, +2% Shot Damage, +20% Build Time, +10% Build Cost)


The Fine Longhorn deals and survives greater damage than the regular Longhorn, but with greater production costs (+4% Hit Points, +2% Shot Damage, +20% Build Time, +10% Build Cost).


  • Fine Longhorn have a high weapon rating and high damage, allowing it to deal large amounts of damage to all types of units.
  • It's relatively high HP to build cost ratio makes it efficient for pushing into enemy defenses.


  • A slow turret rotation speed makes it susceptible to AirMech fire.
  • It has a high build time and cost, making it difficult to quickly replace a destroyed army.

Good Loadouts

  • Longhorn works best in loadouts consisting of lighter units and Anti-Air to protect them from infantry and enemy AirMechs.
  • Longhorn have increased survivability with support from damage soakers such as Turtle, and Repair units.


Fine Longhorn has powerful heavy weapons and armor. It deals heavy damage compared to a Gemini's medium weapons but has a slower cannon turn rate, making them weak against hostile AirMechs that are strafing around them. The Longhorn provides respectable amount of ground based firepower at a far lower cost than the Goliath. Their primary weakness is the lack of anti-air armaments allowing enemy AirMechs to approach them unharmed. Additionally all tanks take increased damage from attacks from the rear.

Tanks role is to dish out and take massive quantities of damage. Even when attacked from the rear, a tank will take a decent amount of time to destroy. The most dangerous strategy is when a tank is used for a rush. This involves building up large amount of tanks and sending them straight at enemy base to inflict massive damage. Tanks are not invulnerable and rushing an insufficient number against a superior force will result in unneeded casualties. T99 turrets are the main defense against tank rushes. Level 4 Creeps, SAM Infantry, and Bucky are also do reasonable damage against these powerhouses.


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