Centuries ago, a genius scientist created life from what was dead just to prove he could. Not much more is known after that, except his creation long outlived the creator. Lacking any real identity, Frank took the scientist's name for his own and has been around ever since. Is he immortal? More importantly, why is he so good at flying AirMechs?


Release Date: October 5th, 2013 (Beta Build 19968.0)

Slot: Pilot

Price: 4200Kudos Kudos + Ticket

Availability: VIP Shop

Alternates: Jason, Beppo

In-game Hotlink: Frank


Statistically, Frank is similar to Beppo, gaining bonuses to his Airmech's damage and defense but moving and respawning slower. However, Frank has a higher Ground Speed decrease, and lower bonuses to Attack Power and Damage Resistance. He also has a slightly faster Respawn Speed. This makes him completely weaker than Beppo on the ground. In the air, Beppo still is more powerful in terms of attack and defense but Frank would be far more mobile. This makes him better suited to capturing bases early and using Airmechs with strong in-flight combat, like the Helix, Striker, Bomber and Warthog. This also makes him poorly suited (by comparison to Beppo) for Airmechs that have ground-oriented combat or rely on ground speed, such as an Angel or Saucer.


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