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Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Here is a compiled list of Frequently Asked Questions. It pretty much covers everything from gameplay to technical problems, but please note that this is a FREQUENTLY asked questions list and if you can't find your answer here, feel free to post on the AirMech Forums.

Does Anyone Have A Steam Key?Edit

No, this question doesn't really fit FAQ style, but it is a commonly asked question. The thing is, people asking for Steam Keys usually don't know the difference between the three versions of AirMech and think the Steam version is different which is wrong. Actually, if you read the descriptions of each of the three versions of AirMech right here, you'll be able to work it out yourself.

The three versions of AirMech do not have any major differences in gameplay (except one version is supposedly much more laggy than the others). In case you don't know, these three versions each run on Google Chrome, PC and Steam.

Here are the features of each version:

Google ChromeEdit

  • Native Client, people on Chrome can only play with people on Chrome.
  • Only version with the EXCLUSIVE Chrome Saucer.
  • Absolutely FREE, download it from the Chrome Web Store or here:

    • Usually very laggy compared to the other two versions. (You can use the Chrome Saucer in other versions by logging into Chrome and buying it before logging in on the same account to another version).

PC VersionEdit

  • Exactly the same as the Steam version barring Steam functions like Steam Achievements.
  • PC players can play with BOTH PC players and Steam players.
  • Like the Chrome Version, it's FREE. Download it here:

    • More populated and less laggy than Chrome.

Steam VersionEdit

Exactly the same as the PC version, except that it has Steam functions. Now in Open beta, no longer requires a Steam Key to activate.

Why Can't I See My Friends' Games?Edit

For those who totally didn't get what was up there, Only Chrome players can play with Chrome players. PC players can play with other players, plus play with Steam players, and vice versa. Therefore, you most probably can't see someone else's game because both of you are playing on different clients (one has to be Chrome).

Why Did I Stop Getting Kudos?Edit

In order to deter people from farming easy Kudos and XP offline, and to make an incentive to play online instead, Carbon has implemented a 1 hour 30 minute time limit to offline play. After this time span, you will NOT receive any Kudos or XP for playing offline. This resets every 22 hours (according to the Carbon FAQ, which you should read): "Currently we only allow players to earn rewards for the first 90 minutes of offline play each day, resetting every 22 hours. Online games do not have this restriction, and you will always earn rewards for playing online games during Beta (alpha). This helps us test our servers, so we are happy to give you Kudos in exchange for helping us test."

When completing offline games in less than 7 minutes will make the game count as 7 minutes. So you can't play 90, 1 minute games by Jackal rushing. Besides, PvP is so much more fun! Be a contributor to the community by being there for others to play with!

What Do Cosmetic Tracers Do?Edit

Nothing except changing the color of your AirMech's bullets.

Do Players Who Pay Real Money To Carbon Have Unfair Advantages?Edit

No. The explanation to this is simple.

All real-money items are only for cosmetic or single player purposes. Therefore, in PvP you will not be disadvantaged against the so-called "no-lifers who pay 2 win". Don't take this as an excuse to rant when you lose. Anyways, be grateful that Carbon made such efforts to balance the game out at the sacrifice of earning more money! Variants and Cosmetics WILL NOT be made available for Kudos as they are the only way Carbon can make a little bit of money.

Can You Make Variants Available For Kudos?Edit

No. The explanation to this is simple.

All real-money items are only for cosmetic or single player purposes. Therefore, in PvP you will not be disadvantaged against the so-called "no-lifers who pay 2 win". Don't take this as an excuse to rant when you lose. Anyways, be grateful that Carbon made such efforts to balance the game out at the sacrifice of earning more money! Variants and Cosmetics >WILL NOT be made available for Kudos as they are the only way Carbon can make a little bit of money.

Where Can I Find My Referral Code?Edit

Your refferal code is just your name.

Where Can I Download Official Art For This Game?Edit

In the Carbon media section:

Why Did My Fort Start Taking Damage After The Game Timer Went Beyond 30 Minutes?Edit

This damage is known as overtime damage and is meant to end games that people drag out - mainly when players "turtle" (camp at base with tons of units surrounding). The amount of damage you take is dependent on how many outposts you control; the more Outposts you have in possession, the less overtime damage you take.

How Do I Logout?Edit

Right click the power button. Note that this only works on Chrome and PC versions as the Steam version is bound to your Steam account.

Why Can't I Redeem Some Quests That I Have Completed?Edit

Those quests with a Spade icon next to them are VIP quests. This means you need VIP status to redeem them.

What Is VIP Status ?Edit

VIP Status is a special status given to a player for contributing money to Carbon Games. Buying a game pack or diamond bundle gives you permanent Silver VIP status, which grants an extra 10% Kudos/XP for every match played. Gold VIP status increases this to 50% additional Kudos/XP for every game you play, but is time limited so requires the use of either the 7 Day Gold VIP Cube, the 30 Day Gold VIP Cube, or the purchase of certain Diamond Bundles to maintain this status.

>What Is The Difference Between The Color Levels?Edit

In online games, the color level you have is the number of "votes" to have that color for your team. Here's an example:

1st Team:

  • Randomdude1 ~ Blue Lv2
  • Randomdude2 ~ Red Lv1
  • Randomdude3 ~ Red Lv2

Total votes for this team: 2 Blue, 3 Red. So this team will have Red as their army color.

2nd Team:

  • Randomdude4 ~ Green Lv3
  • Randomdude5 ~ Red Lv3
  • Randomdude6 ~ Blue Lv1

Total votes for this team: 3 Green, 3 Red, 1 Blue. In the case of a draw within the same team (i.e 4 Red, 4 Blue) there is a color priority, which is Green > Blue > Red. Meaning, Green has the highest priority.

What If Both Teams Have The Same Color After Voting?Edit

In the case of this scenario, the team on the left takes dominance and the team on the right will have their second most voted color.

How Can I Exit A Random Game?Edit

Press escape, and a menu will come up. Exit from there. It is recommended that players don't leave games in online matches, since leaving a game will make your ELO drop more than losing the match. There is also always chance to win, as long as there is communication among teammates, especially if they are in a 2v2, to get unanimous in tactical decisions.

How Do I Sell Units That I Don't Want?Edit

>To sell units (AKA Recycle), hold the spacebar while carrying the unit over any Outpost/Fortress that YOUR TEAM owns. This will recycle the unit and refund you the full price of it.

I Got 0 Credits For Some Of The Stuff I Sold! Help!Edit

Units that you didn't buy such as the preset tanks/turrets etc on 1v1 AI will give you 0 credits. The units that give you 0 credits when sold are:

So don't sell them, especially Gemini Goliath and Gorgons because they are AWESOME!

How Do I Place Beacons Or Let My Team Know Where I Am?Edit

If you want to place a beacon to let teammates know where you are/know where you want them to go, double press the [Z] key. If you just want them to know where you are, press the [Z] key ONCE instead of twice.

What Happens When You Link Accounts?Edit

  1. Either of the logins can be used to access your new account.
  2. The username you created first will be your new username. Account linking cannot be used as a way to change your username.
  3. All purchases/Kudos etc carry over, but duplicate purchases WILL NOT be refunded. The first email you login to is your contact email. The XP from both original accounts are added together.
  4. Your new level is based on the new total XP value. You can link more than two accounts. However, there seems to be a maximum number of accounts you can link (probably 10). This is to discourage people from trying to take and combine promotional keys (like the Alienware promotion).

I Can't Load AirMech On PC. Help!Edit

If the "Incoming Awesomeness" part of updating the game keeps finishing and restarting, try removing Airmech.exe AND the Carbon folder from your computer. Download and reinstall it afterwards. Whatever you do, DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT quit and switch to Chrome (you are probably already on PC thanks to Chrome's problems anyway) until Chrome's lag problems are resolved.

>How Do I Use Team Chat?Edit

Team chat, meaning communicating only with your team, is useful for formulating strategies and discussing things you don't want opponents to know. It can be executed by toggling to team chat mode using the Tab key.

I Have Lag Problems! Help!Edit

It really depends on what kind of problem you have. Here are the more common ones:

How Do I Fix Desync/Lag On Chrome ?Edit

Read this:

What Is Considered A Laggy/High Ping Level?Edit

Anything above 280.

The Game Is Lagging Even Though Everyone's Ping Level Is Low! Help!Edit

Either you or another player (or both) have a graphics card that's not powerful enough to run AirMech properly. This results in a low FPS (frames per second) and affects the game by slowing it down. One way to fix this issue is to go to settings, video, and move the slide of destructible detail all the way to the left (leaving no orange bar). The other way to fix this is to upgrade your old graphics card to a newer graphics card, if YOU have low FPS.

Which Is The Best AirMech/Pilot?Edit

There is no best. Also another reason why I totally love this game. Carbon does their very best to balance out stuff, just like they make paid items have no game-changing effect! Oh well, What I CAN do is to let you know what each of the Mechs/Pilots do, so...



Choose one that fits your playstyle, their descriptions say all. There is no best Pilot/AirMech; this also applies for loadouts.

How Do I Use Special Abilities Such As The Striker's Sword?Edit

>You first need to upgrade the skill. This can be done by spending ability points on one of the icons at the bottom of the screen when you level up. If you want to use the Striker's sword, upgrade the Sword. The same applies for all other active skills (Bombs, Heal, Etc). To use these active skills, right click (for the Striker's ground active skill, Sword, you must hold right click and use left click to slash). For secondary abilities, use middle click (For the striker's missile burst tap middle click and the ability will activate.)

Are There Any Cheats For This Game?Edit

No. Trying to cheat during online play will get you desynced from the game. Carbon also keeps logs of purchases and will know if any suspicious activity goes on. AirMech Prime includes a special option that enables players to use cheats, however this is restricted to solo play only!

What Units Can Be Placed On Sockets And What Does That Do?Edit

Sockets are those little pads attached to forts and outposts - forts always have them, outposts may or may not. Only Artillery, Turrets and Socket powered units can be placed on Sockets (you can place a tank on a Socket for all I care, but nothing would happen). The effects of socketing something differ depending on the unit you use one on. The Socket-using units are:


  • T45 (Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • T99 (Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • Gatty (Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • HAAT (Auto-Repairs while on Socket)


  • Arty (Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • Archy (Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • Bertha (Auto-Repairs while on Socket)

Socket PoweredEdit

  • Money Maker (Generates credits, Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • Generator (Generates additional power, Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • Leveler (Generates additional in-game XP, Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • Lunchbox (Slows units when attached to outpost, grants base shields when placed on a fort Socket, Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • Honeypot (Heals nearby units when Socketed, Auto-Repairs while on Socket)
  • Bot Spawner (Spawns Runner every 13 seconds when Socketed, Auto-Repairs while on Socket)

I'm Trying To Update AirMech But The Sequence Keeps Repeating!Edit

There has been a lot of this lately. These are the steps to hopefully solve the problem.

  1. Fire up the task manager.
  2. Find the AirMech process.
  3. End process tree.
  4. Start AirMech again.

You have to do this because there is a "ghost" AirMech process running, and screwing with your updates. If that didn't work...

  1. Delete AirMech.exe and the Carbon folder at %appdata%/Carbon.
  2. Redownload AirMech
  3. That's it.

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