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Carbon Games signed Front Line Assembly to create an original album for AirMech.

“For AirMech, the first thing I thought of was trying to get music that sounded like Front Line Assembly, so then I figured I should at least try and contact the band on the off chance they would be interested in talking with us,” says James Green, Game Director at Carbon Games. “I was thrilled when the news came back that they would be interested in working on a game project again.”

Front Line Assembly is one of the pioneering bands in the electronic industrial world and continues to be guided by founder Bill Leeb. The AirMech album has been under development since late 2011 in parallel with the progression of the game. Selections of the music will be deconstructed for use as dynamic music, which reacts to conditions during battle. The trademark structure of FLA’s music made this collaboration an exciting opportunity for both teams. This album is entirely instrumental, and stands as a compelling FLA album on its own.

“FLA is at it’s heart a true indie spirit band, and Carbon’s story of how and why we are making AirMech as an independent game developer really struck a chord with them and opened the door to serious discussions about how we could work together, ” said Green. “When they started asking about if they could be in the game and have some crazy sonic weapons, I knew it was the start of something really fun. I know we love hearing what they have come up with as much as they enjoy seeing the new stuff we add to the game.”

Future follow-upEdit

On January 11, 2015 a follow-up album was announced.[1] On May 7 FLA announced the album to be 70% done.[2] The new album will also have in-game items included.[3]


FLA AirMech Albumart
  1. AirMech
  2. Arise
  3. Pulse Charge
  4. Prep for Combat
  5. System Anomaly
  6. Mech Killer
  7. Everything That Was Before
  8. Lose
  9. Burning Skyline
  10. Stealth Mech
  11. Death Level
  12. Prime Empiricism

Released: November 13th, 2012


The soundtrack is receiving the full studio treatment and will be packaged with exclusive in-game content consisting of FLA band member pilots and a limited edition AirMech designed with input from the band.

AirMech SkinsEdit


Note: Pilots and Variant exclusive to album purchase


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