External power unit that improves your Fortress and Outposts and generates more resources for your team. When placed on a pad of a team controlled building, the Generator increases the Energy Capacity of your Fortress and Outposts by +7% and increases your Energy Recharge rate by +7%.


The Generator is a structure unit that produces energy to recharge and heal your Airmech, similar to how outposts function.


  • When placed off-socket, it can be used as a recharge point for airmechs.
  • Can allow your team to work from the same outpost more easily.
  • Allows for better operation away from outposts


  • Energy range is quite small
  • The generator can only recharge one mech at a time.
  • Can be easily harassed and destroyed.

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in team games, specifically on large maps where energy is a large factor in games.
  • Good with energy-dependent mechs, such as Helix, Angel, or Warthog


Provides energy to Mechs.