Slot: Item

Kudos price: 900 Kudos Kudos for a stack of 3

Diamond price: 270 Diamonds Diamonds icon for permanent unlock

Availability: Drop system (rare)

Alternate: Satellite

In-game hotlink: Geostationary Satellite


Being a Drop Variant, this item either can be bought with Kudos in stacks, or requires Diamonds for permanent unlocking. Equipping this gives you 5% more radar range for your AirMech which is not much, but the reduction in credits and in-game XP is quite a hindrance.


Geostationary Satellite 900 Kudos / 270 Diamonds icon

Description: Geostationary Satellite.

Space based communications link with Carbon Games. Better view of the battlefield and power generation, at a cost of in game credits and XP.


  • +2% Power
  • -3% Credits Income
  • -2% In-Game XP Bonus
  • +5% Radar Vision Range
  • Variant items consume a (1) count each time they are used in a completed game, online and offline.


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