Heavy Anti-Aircraft Turret on a tank chassis. Instant hit projectiles. Neutral/Enemy Survival unit only.


The Gorgon appears on Warzone and Duel Maps, and can be obtained through abduction via Saucer or building it (Update 241, Build 62720).


The Gorgon is essentially a HAAT on tank treads. Before Update 241, it is unavailable to the player and only exists on Warzone maps.

Unlike normal anti-air units, Gorgons can attack the player's Fortress in Warzone mode.


  • In previous versions, when carried, the Gorgon showed a small inset of a Longhorn instead, didn't accept commands, and shrunk in size when attacking. As of an unknown version, these are no longer true.
  • If a player attempts to sell a Gorgon, they will not receive credits.
  • The Gorgon is the only anti-air unit that is able to Attack the fortress directly.
  • On Update 241 (July 28th, 2017), the Gorgon is now available as a player made unit.


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