Heavy Anti-Aircraft Turret on a tank chassis. Instant hit projectiles. Neutral/Enemy Survival unit only.


The Gorgon appears on Warzone and Duel Maps, but can only be obtained through abduction via Saucer. It is not possible to have in a player's inventory, and as such cannot exist on most maps.


The Gorgon is essentially a HAAT on tank treads. It cannot be built by players, and only exists on Warzone maps.

Unlike normal anti-air units, Gorgons can attack the player's Fortress in Warzone mode.


  • In previous versions, when carried, the Gorgon showed a small inset of a Longhorn instead, didn't accept commands, and shrunk in size when attacking. As of an unknown version, these are no longer true.
  • If a player attempts to sell a Gorgon, they will not receive credits.
  • The Gorgon is the only anti-air unit that is able to Attack the fortress directly.


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