Release Date: May 24th, 2014 (Beta Build 26340.0)

Slot: Flair

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: 666 Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Shop. Also via Gothic Crate (20% chance)

Alternates: Cyan, Festive, Green, Halloween, Lightning, Magenta, Pink Petal, Rainbow, Red, Snowflake Exhaust, Spiderweb

In-game Hotlink: Gothic Contrails


Gothic Contrails N/A Kudos / 666 Diamonds icon
Gothic Contrails cropped

Description: Gothic Contrails!

Trails of inky blackness seep from your wingtips. Very intimidating looking, yet also very stylish.


Trivia Edit

- The Price in diamonds is a play on words to the "Unholy Number", or the "Devil's Number".


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