What the Grinder lacks in health compared to the Roller, it makes up for in damage. When pushing tanks into a defended area, make sure to drop one of these guys on top and watch the maybe unfold!
Requires Level 5 in-game in order to build.


The Grinder is a heavy tank killer and pusher. It excels at taking damage and distracting tank fire, while also dealing considerable melee damage. It will track down any enemy in range and grind it until it's dead. It's main downsides are its cost, slow build time and the fact that it cannot be built until Level 5 in-game.


  • Grinder has a very high armor piercing ability, as well as high damage, allowing it to kill most units in a few seconds.
  • Can lead a push by soaking damage and killing the frontline units.
  • Is great for defending against or pushing into tank-heavy armies.


  • Can be distracted by infantry and light units and drift away from your other units.
  • Cannot damage outposts or the Fortress.
  • Takes a large credit and time investment to build, can only be used in long games.

Good Loadouts

  • Grinder works best in loadouts consisting of Anti-Air and light units to protect them from infantry distractions and enemy AirMechs.
  • Works well at the forefront of all pushes, and can also defend against enemy pushes.


The Grinder is a specialized, anti-tank support unit utilizing a powerful drill and heavy armor. When used correctly, the grinder can make Pushing with armored units much more powerful against defending tanks.

The general strategy with Grinders, and Rollers is to have them "Spearhead" a push, that is, to be the leading unit in a tank line, as to take all the damage from the initial attack, protecting your other units, and allowing them to live to fight for much longer. The grinder utilizes its heavy armor to provide a meaningful decoy to enemy fire for quite a while. Unlike the Roller however, this armor isn't as high, and its health pool not as big. The Roller compensates for this by dealing a lot more damage to tanks.

Considering that the Grinder's weapon is a drill, it must come close to an enemy tank in order to damage it. Once it does come into contact with an enemy units however, it will inflict massive damage, capable of downing a Longhorn tank in just under a few seconds. The Grinder will automatically drive to the nearest enemy unit and attack with its drill provided it has not been given a command when dropped.

Its high armor makes it an excellent spearhead, but it's powerful attack make it a good "support drop" as well. Push with an army of tanks, and while your tanks are busy fighting the enemy, drop a roller behind the enemy tank line. The enemy tanks will be too busy fighting your tanks to pay attention to the grinder, allowing you to inflict some massive damage to the enemy tanks while they're distracted.

On Defense, the Grinder can be just as effective. If placed among defending units, enemy pushes will target the other units first, allowing your grinder to come out and surprise a distracted unit. The Grinder often pushes enemy tanks backward whilst attacking them with its massive drill, which can help stall pushes, and allow your defending units more time to fire at the attackers. And again, the massive damage output of Grinders makes them effective at chewing up enemy tanks, and can be exceptionally useful when defending against High-tier tanks, such as Goliath or Devastator; as the grinder can deal heavy damage to the tank while blocking off many shots with its high armor itself. And with support from Allied defending units and repair units, high-tier tanks will not live for very long.

The Grinder has a nasty habit of chasing down infantry with its large drill, which can be quite annoying if you need it to fight off tanks instead. Consider packing some light units with your Tank army to help keep infantry away, or give your Grinder an order to follow an allied tank, so that it cannot chase stray infantry. Be advised though, a Grinder will not attack enemies if given an attack or follow command, so make sure to reset the Grinder by giving it the "hold position" command.

The Grinder also falls under the Tank category due to its heavy armor. As such, grinders will take extra damage from enemies if attacked from the rear, so make sure to provide some cover if enemies are flanking it.