Main HUDEdit

Main Hud C27325

Main HUD [Canary Version 27325]

1. Your AirMech. The screen is always centered on it.

2. Armor integrity bar. Green for allies, red for enemies.

3. Fuel bar. Shows how much fuel your mech has left.

4. Your in-game name (IGN).

5. Your game level.

6. Your base's armor integrity bar.

7. Your Pilot.

8. Credits.

9. Income per second.

10. Your abilities.

11. Your in-game experience bar.

12. Icon representing the type of mech you're piloting.

13. Enemy fortress' armor integrity bar.

14. Displays the enemy's Name, In-game Level, Pilot & AirMech.

15. Mini-map.

16. AirMech Version and build number.

17. Game timer.

18. Outpost control indicator bar (shows who has how many outposts).

19. Upkeep (Used/Max).

20. Active Boosts.

21. Cake. (Shared amongst players that have one or more equipped)

22. Carry Capacity, currently empty.

23. Build pad. [Not part of the HUD!]

24. Units you may build.

25. Server game is being played on.

26. Ping and player name.


1. This is your AirMech, the only unit you get to control directly in the game. With it you are able to move about the map in the air and on the ground, shoot the enemy, and transport and give orders to your units.

2. This nifty green bar denotes how much health you have left, and when it reaches 0, your mech explodes. The mech will then take several seconds and some money to respawn at the main fort and you get to go at it once again.

3.This blue bar indicates how much fuel (energy) your mech has left. Fuel is required for all air actions, including flying, shooting, using special abilities and carrying units. Fuel is also consumed when special abilities are used on the ground. When fuel reaches zero, special abilities can no longer be used, units can not be picked up with any being carried dropped as soon as there is land beneath the AirMech, and air speed drops to about 50%. To recharge fuel, either land and have it recharge slowly, or fly back to fort or outpost to recharge quickly.

4. This is your in-game name. If you leave the game, an asterisk (*) will be appended to your name.

5. The level of your mech denotes, roughly, how strong it is. For every level up, you gain an ability point that you can distribute to one of 4 abilities via #10. Every level up also grants additional firepower, maximum armor and fuel capacity. Maximum level is 15 and at that level all abilities have been maxed out. How close you are to leveling up is denoted by the yellow bar (#19), and every time the bar reaches the end of that part of the HUD, 1 level is gained.

6. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy fortress. Once the bar on your fort is reduced to 0, you lose. Once the bar on the enemy fort (#14) is reduced to 0, you win. The front door of the fort is its weak spot and takes double damage from all attacks.

7. Your Pilot.

8 & 9. This shows the amount of credits you have, as well as your income

10. Here you can distribute your ability points to activate different active/passive abilities. The individual tiles of the abilities will blink/shine when you haven't invested any ability points in them despite having extra ability points.

11. In-game experience. When the bar fills, you gain a level. With higher levels you gain more stats and an ability point that you can put into any of the abilities in #10.

12. This icon will indicate for all players what type of mech they are piloting.

19. To produce units, there must be sufficient upkeep available and enough credits to make the desired unit. Maximum upkeep is based on the number of outposts you hold, but is affected by pilots, items and Generators built. In survival you gain additional population as you beat waves. Once maximum population is reached, no more units can be made, unless some of the current ones are destroyed. Money is gained automatically every second. The amount gained varies by how many Moneymakers your team has, as well as how many outposts your team is holding. Note: population is shared between team mates, but money is individual. MoneyMakers distribute the same amount of money to all team mates, making them much more worthwhile in team games.

NB. Before the start of every multiplayer game, there is a 45 second interval. During this preparation stage, or pre-game, socketed support structures such as Moneymakers are discounted to 50%. Unit build time is substantially reduced enabling players to build units, set them into position, and prepare their tactics for the game. You are confined to a radius around your base, which you may not leave until the game starts.

Production HUDEdit

Production HUD


1. Clear Queue Button

2. Unit Stats

3. Unit Build Time

4. Unit Cost

5. Unit Upkeep

6. Production Queue

7. Built Unit

8. Unit Building in Progress

9. Unit in Queue

10. Greyed out Tile

11. Colored Tile


1. Left click this button to clear the last unit in the queue if it has not been completed yet, and receive a full discount. Right click to clear all units in queue, except units that have already been built.

2. Relative stats of the highlighted unit. Power is attack power DPS, defense is amount of health and armor type, speed is movement speed, and build time is amount of time it takes ot build that unit.

3. Shows the number of seconds it will take for that unit to build in queue.

4. Build cost of the unit.

5. Upkeep of each unit. One square means one upkeep will be taken, while two squares means two upkeep, etc.

6. This area displays all the units in your queue.

7. Colored tiles are completed units that are ready for pickup at the closest fort or outpost.

8. Tiles with color still filing in are units currently being built, the number represents how much time is left before the unit is finished in seconds.

9. Completely grey tiles represent queued units on which production hasn't begun, the number represents how long it will take to build the unit in seconds when it reaches production.

10. When a tile is greyed out, there is either no spare population, not enough credits, no space in the build queue or not enough in-game level to build the unit.

11. Colored tiles represent units that can be ordered at the moment, meaning there is spare population available or there are enough funds to pay for it and the production queue is not full and the level requirement is satisfied.

Map HUDEdit

Minimap HUD


1. Friendly Fortress

2. Friendly Unit

3. Friendly Outpost

4. Neutral Outpost

5. Enemy Outpost

6. Enemy Fortress

7. Your Airmech


1-3. Friendly forces share a color, the different symbols of different sizes representing different things.

4. Nuetral Outposts and Units are shown in a gray color. Outposts will blink the color of any infantry walking into them. Units will attack both sides when approached.

5-6. Enemy forces share a color, the different symbols representing different things.

7. Friendly AirMech. If it is your AirMech, a box will be shown surrounding it, showing you how much of the map is visible to you. 

Lit up areas of the map that are lighter than the rest mean that your team has a line of sight to that area, and any units that approach that area will be shown to you on the minimap.

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