Release Date: March 14th, 2013 (Beta Build 16089.0)

Slot: Item

Kudos price: 1800 Kudos Kudos for a stack of 2

Diamond price: 270 Diamonds Diamonds icon for permanent unlock

Availability: Drop system

Alternate: Pi Pendant

In-game Hotlink: Half Tau Pendant


Equipping this item gives your units better Aim rotate speed, which is helpful especially when used with longhorns or Goliath, which already have dreadful rotate speed. It is worth noting that this item also grants improved vision range which is useful when stacked with other vision increasing parts and pilots. The -4% carry mass effects mechs with low carry like Neo the worst though, so be weary of such negative effects to your micro abilities.


Half-Tau Pendant 0 Kudos / 0 Diamonds icon

Description: Half Tau Pendant.


  • +6% Unit Aim Rotate Speed
  • +4% Radar Vision Range
  • -4% AirMech Carry Mass


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