HAAT Alternate.
(+7% Fire Speed, +5% Carry Weight, +5% Build Time, +10% Build Cost, -10% Aim Rotate Speed)


The Hellstorm HAAT does more damage than a regular HAAT, but as a result it costs more and does not rotate as quickly.

The HAAT is the strongest Anti-Air unit in the game. It fires rounds of bullets that quickly destroy any mechs flying around in the area. It is perfect for keeping mechs away from heavily defended areas and outposts, especially when placed on a socket.


  • HAAT bullets cannot be outrun or countered, unlike the rockets from a Seeker.
  • Just one or two can stop bombing runs and flybys, especially with supporting mech fire.
  • Can be socketed for +50% fire rate and HP regen.


  • Is very expensive, so cannot be made in the early game.
  • Only works as a defensive Anti-Air, ineffective for use during pushes.

Good Loadouts

  • Works with strong turtle units such as Artillery and Repair units.


The HAAT, like other Anti-Air units, fires in bursts and then reloads. It only does 50% of its damage to AirMechs on the ground.


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